aurora urbem

Drew Barnet, Julian Stein & Max Stein

i. table / ii. beams / iii. urban lights

A three-piece installation of kinetic sound sculptures and video work in collaboration with Max Stein and Drew Barnet. The work plays upon levitation and stillness - set against opposing forces, with elements linked through their rhythmic activity.

The work was presented at Concordia University's VAV gallery in Spring 2011, as well as at Pop Montréal’s 2011 Art Pop @ la Société Des Arts Technologiques (SAT) in Montréal, QC).

Beyond sky curtains were being drawn back on the heaviest and smoothest of brass rings. The sound was as if rhythms unrealized within were the whole round of heaven. Not, as in thunder, being rolled about, a gill—brack about the descend: this was a levitation of things.
— From "Aura" by Colin Simms (1967)
If you listen, when weirdly the lights are streaming, Perhaps you may hear a whisper low.
— From "Northern Lights," by T. A. Robertson