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Einstein's Dreams @ Hexagram Black Box (Montréal, QC)

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Einstein’s Dream is an environment in which visitors encounter installations with responsive fields of video, light, and spatialized sound, in a set of tableaus. Each tableau is inspired by a vignette from Alan Lightman’s novel, Einstein’s Dreams, set in Berne Switzerland, in 1904, the year that Albert Einstein received the Nobel prize. Or rather, a set of parallel 1904′s, each of which is a different kind of time. In one, time slows to a halt as you approach a particular place; in another there is no future; in third, time sticks and slips; in a fourth age reverses and what is rotten becomes fresh as time passes. In some tableaus performers work with the textures and rhythms of lighting, sound and visitors’ expectations to create different kinds of time poetically related to the novel’s vignettes. As a performer walks from place to place she may drag a pool of rhythmed light and sound the conditions your sense of time. The pool mutates or merges into another pool with a different type of time.

Creative team
Michael Montanaro : Creative direction, art direction and coordination
Sha Xin Wei: Phenomenology of time perception
Jerome Delapierre: Realtime video, visual design and videography
Navid Navab: Real-time sound, sound design, sensor system design
Julian Stein: Realtime lighting